In a Siderpark’s car park

In a Siderpark's car park
In a Siderpark's car park

For the first time, we show you one of our car parks from the driver’s perspective.

This is the “Stott Lane” parking area at Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester, UK, which was built in just a few months and completed last autumn.

Thanks to the intervention, which was carried out in collaboration with our partner Octavius Infrastructure Limited, the parking spaces of the ground-level parking “Stott Lane” have more than doubled, going from 181 to 399, with the addition of a single raised level.

The rapid installation of the new facility was carried out according to the Siderpark system, specifically conceived to extend the existing ground-level car parks with no digging required.

Thanks to our engineers’ analysis, we identify the best solution for each context. In this case, the relatively dense mesh of the columns is due to the mechanical properties of the soil, which are not particularly ideal.

We would like to thank our correspondent Claudia who managed to find a parking space with no stress and document the feat!


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