Assembly on site

Prefabricated multi level car park: assembly on site

Prefabricated multi level car park: assembly on site

Unless the project area is particularly small, or is not afflicted by parking congestion (rare occurrence) we will only take possession of a fraction rather than the whole lot. Once within our compound the structure is mounted and the slab is in place, we prepare the ground floor for hand over. We then effectively returned it to the client before we take possession of the next portion. This is what we call a phased erection, something most of our client could not do without. We take care in the accurate definition of the optimal position and configuration of each portion we take up, each portion that is left in use, each portion that is handed over. The functioning of all this is not always evident, impact on existing circulation shall be reduced to a minimum and implemented gradually, as motorists do not respond well to sudden and substantial changes to circulation and chaos might easily ensue.

To provide a practical example, an existing parking area of 6.000 sqm might be taken possession of for a maximum of 30% of its net parking surface at any given time. Approximately after 6 weeks the whole of the ground floor will have been re-open to the public, while after additional 3 weeks the top floor will have been inaugurated. Schematically:

  • From week 1 to week 6: current capacity = 70% original capacity
  • From week 7 to week 10: current capacity = 95% original capacity
  • From week 11: current capacity = 190% original capacity

The erection is carried out by means of very small plant that manoeuvres at ease in the tightest areas (see pictures of structures erected in tight corners of medieval hamlets in the projects portfolio section of this site).