Siderpark experience: how to construct multi storey car parks

We are readily available to adapt to the client special needs, being able at the same time to maintain the core of our system, enabling record delivery times and maintaining large benefit to cost ratios. We provide full plans to the architects to the aim that our pre-engineered modular structure is incorporated under the skin of their design.

We suggest perspective clients that are about to appoint an architect to inform the architect of their decision to use us as specialist car park design and build company. This would save money to them and hassle to everybody.

Construction site

Since 1991 we have never delegated the installation of a single car park. Our philosophy has always been to be in charge of the whole process from concept to completion, through detailed design of every single component, elaborating optimized and safe methods for the site work, dedicating our personal efforts to each individual installation like a sculptor chiseling his bas-relief.

International and overseas contracts do not pose any special issue, as they are more and more becoming the norm rather than the exception. Our teams are fully prepared and well trained for a long stay abroad.
We have consolidated a net of local suppliers and health and safety consultants in the countries where we are getting the most work, while we have the necessary expertise to tackle new countries as new international projects come by.

Distance does not pose any special issue also, as containerization levels considerably delivery times and delivery costs from one side of the world to the other.
We are able to mobilize within three weeks after we receive a purchase order. For contracts overseas the first container will be dispatched as early as three weeks after order; the first materials and the installation team will reach the installation location five to six weeks after order.
Our stock of components, consolidated partnership with supplier and flexibility of the construction system, enables us to mobilize quickly, thus making us competitive with local contractors in ensuring an early start on site.