Design of steel parking structures: technical update webinar

Design of steel parking structures
Design of steel parking structures

With a view to providing constant specialist updates within our construction sector, three Siderpark engineers took part in a technical update webinar on the design of steel parking structures.

The webinar, organized by the College of Steel Engineers, was held by Mr Enrico Tomasi, an Italian structural engineer who has been living and working in England for eight years.

After a general and historical overview and a technical description of structural typologies, the speaker focused on three problems of multi-storey car parks according to the Eurocodes:
– behavior of the structures;
– accidental loads (fire, impact);
– robustness.

Finally he presented two case studies: a traditional one with composite beams and corrugated sheet floor with collaborating slab, the other one with prefabricated prestressed double-T tiles according to a proprietary scheme popular in the Netherlands and the UK.

Our engineers were very satisfied. We thank the College of Steel Engineers and the engineer Tomasi.

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