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CS Park Srl

An important award for CS Park Srl

We are proud to share with you some great news: CS Park Srl has received an award from the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency! During 2022, our company hired a refugee, demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility and the integration of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This recognition underlines our commitment to supporting a more inclusive

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Slovak Republic

Siderpark car parks arrive in the Slovak Republic

Our senior structural engineer Maurizio Filetti, can now also work in the Slovak Republic where we have been awarded the design & build of a new car park. Interactions like these, between two different countries like Italy and Slovakia, almost 1,000 kilometres apart, make us feel that we live in a truly united Europe and not

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New car park

New car park – Week 1

Work has just started on a new car park in the UK. On an area of 3,417 square meters we will build a raised floor, without digging, increasing the parking spaces from the current 158 to 293. The project includes the installation of photovoltaic shelters with a peak power of 152.60 kWp. Of the 135

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Solar parking canopies

Solar parking canopies: a solution to the energy crisis

Solar parking canopies could be a solution for the supply of renewable electricity. Why are photovoltaic parks situated in sparsely populated areas inefficient? Since solar power plants need a lot of space, up until now they’ve been built in areas with low population density. However, these installations are encountering increasing resistance from the local population.

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professionalism, seriousness and responsibility

Welcome back Elisa!

In addition to professionalism, seriousness and responsibility, at Siderpark we place a high value on human relationships. For this reason, when someone joins our team, it is always a party. In Elisa’s case, the celebration is double: in fact Elisa had already worked with Siderpark in 2019 and today, after other experiences, she has decided

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Constructionline Gold certification

Siderpark have received the Constructionline Gold certification

We are pleased to inform our customers that Siderpark have proudly received the Constructionline Gold certification. Originally created as a Government department, for over 20 years Costructionline have been supporting thousands of businesses across the public and private sectors. To become a Gold member, Siderpark had to pass a series of audits covering environmental management, quality

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Siderpark meet their partner FVS

Supply chain disruption has been the rule during Covid, with companies with an ability to restructure and effectively manage their supply-chain to emerge better and faster from the looming crisis. At Siderpark we pride ourselves on having recognised importance of proper supply chain management before it hits the headlines. We regularly visit our key supply-chain

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Peter Pan ODV

Siderpark supports the non-profit association Peter Pan

The days of the Christmas holidays are always a joyful time, especially for children. But also this year, while many will be celebrating carefree, some will be away from their homes, facing a hard time. This is why Siderpark supports the non-profit association Peter Pan ODV, which takes care of children with cancer. This association,

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Design of steel parking structures

Design of steel parking structures: technical update webinar

With a view to providing constant specialist updates within our construction sector, three Siderpark engineers took part in a technical update webinar on the design of steel parking structures. The webinar, organized by the College of Steel Engineers, was held by Mr Enrico Tomasi, an Italian structural engineer who has been living and working in

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