Our latest environmentally friendly car park at the Wellcome Genome Campus

environmentally friendly car park
environmentally friendly car park

It is with great pleasure that we announce the completion of our newest modular car park at the Wellcome Genome Campus, developed in collaboration with Octavius.

In just eight months of work, we renovated the existing parking area, creating a raised structure without requiring foundations.

The design and construction was done with great attention to sustainability and visual appearance. Our latest environmentally friendly car park includes two new features: the heated ramp and 280 solar panels, which are estimated to reduce more than 350,000 kg of carbon emissions per year, the effect that would be achieved by planting 7,100 trees!

The base of the car park’s mesh wall, dubbed “the green wall”, has been enriched with ivy and honeysuckle, which will help improve the biodiversity of the area in the coming years.

We also designed a customised cladding together with Urban & Civic to pay homage to the local aviation heritage. The wing profile and each element of the cladding recall the shape of planes that fly over the area, with an angle designed to provide shade and deflect sunlight from cars on the top deck.

After the project was completed, our team helped the community clean up a nearby cemetery.

We would like to express our warm thanks to our team and to our partner Octavius for the successful and safe realisation of this unique car park, placing sustainability and the well-being of the local community at its core.

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