Siderpark car parks arrive in the Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic
Slovak Republic

Our senior structural engineer Maurizio Filetti, can now also work in the Slovak Republic where we have been awarded the design & build of a new car park.

Interactions like these, between two different countries like Italy and Slovakia, almost 1,000 kilometres apart, make us feel that we live in a truly united Europe and not only on an institutional level.

Despite the slowness that still characterises certain technical and bureaucratic procedures, integration between markets is possible. It’s difficult but possible.

Siderpark has managed to take advantage of mechanisms that, although already existing, certainly do not represent easy opportunities for all companies to seize.

In fact, the process of obtaining authorisation to operate was quite challenging.

First of all, the Slovak Chamber of Construction Engineers and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic had to certify the recognition of Italian professional qualifications; then a professional commission had to confirm the integrity, identity, education and professional experience of our engineer.

We are proud to have experts like Maurizio Filetti in our team, whose competence is officially recognised internationally.

Thanks to engineers like mr. Filetti, the Siderpark modular parking system continues to make itself known throughout Europe.

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