Siderpark meet their partner FVS


Supply chain disruption has been the rule during Covid, with companies with an ability to restructure and effectively manage their supply-chain to emerge better and faster from the looming crisis.

At Siderpark we pride ourselves on having recognised importance of proper supply chain management before it hits the headlines.

We regularly visit our key supply-chain partners to ensure they are committed to the same quality standards that made us choose them in the first place, and be reassured about their confidence in their ability to continue to exceed our expectations in meeting our requirements.

In the past few days, our collaborator Matteo Pilotto visited the FVS service centre, our historical partner for pre-processing on steel profiles.

Their production plant is located in Mozzecane, in the province of Verona.

While talking about parking supplies scheduled for 2023, Matteo saw the pre-drilling and cutting machining centre in action. This is where the beams and profiles we use for most of our car parks take shape!

We would like to thank the FVS team who welcomed us and our special correspondent Matteo, also for his report 🙂

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