Siderpark supports the non-profit association Peter Pan

Peter Pan ODV
Peter Pan ODV

The days of the Christmas holidays are always a joyful time, especially for children. But also this year, while many will be celebrating carefree, some will be away from their homes, facing a hard time.

This is why Siderpark supports the non-profit association Peter Pan ODV, which takes care of children with cancer.

This association, active since 1994, welcomes families from all over the world who move to Rome for the entire time of treatment and organizes activities for the little ones.

Thanks to Peter Pan, during this Christmas the most unfortunate children will be able to be together with their families, experiencing the holidays with more joy and lightheartedness.

You too can give a gift that counts at Christmas because all children have the right to be happy.

Wishing happy holidays to everyone, Siderpark would like to thank the Peter Pan’s volunteers and all the organizations that do good in the world.

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