Want to build a multi-storey car park? We have a unique opportunity!

multi-storey car park
multi-storey car park

In Luxembourg City we have built a temporary multi-storey car park that will be dismantled in spring 2024.

It is a modular structure currently made up of two raised levels which, however, can also be reconfigured as a single raised floor.

In fact, the modular nature of the Siderpark system allows the new car park to be reassembled in different layout configurations from the original one.

The raised area available is approximately 3,500 square meters.

We can relocate the structure within a radius of 300 kilometres from Luxembourg City, even to France or Germany.

If you need a multi-storey car park, don’t miss this opportunity! Contact our offices now before your competitors do.

Safety, speed, professionalism and sustainability are the characteristics of Siderpark that keep our customers inside and outside Europe satisfied for over 30 years.

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